May 15 Sunday Apostle

The Sunday Apostle
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
North Andover, MA
May 15, 2016


Organ Fund

Please consider contributing to the organ fund. A generous anonymous donor will match up to $4000 for the building of new trumpet pipes. Our hope is to raise at least $4000 for the matching funds and possible an additional $2000 for the addition of organ chimes. In your donation please mark them as “organ fund.”

Green grant

Green Grant Rep

If you have a passion for the environment, please consider being the Diocesan Green Grant Rep. for St. Paul’s. For more information please contact Paula Fines at

 food drive

Outreach Food Drive

An extra 300 pounds doesn’t sound healthy…

but with your help it can be!



Food in our local shelters is in greater demand during the summer months as children who often get free meals and snacks in school, are on their annual break. As you shop for your family’s meals, please consider picking up an extra item or two from the list below each week and bring it to church with you. There is a large container in the Narthex to deposit your donation. Get the “weight update” every week during announcements!


Boxed cereal, rice, beans (especially Goya pink and pigeon beans), shelf stable milk and

Infant formula (especially yellow label Enfamil)


From the Archives

Today, May 15th, the Parish Hall turns 101!  Sure, this would have been a better headline last year, but I missed it.   On May 15, 1915, Bishop William Lawrence returned to St Paul’s – where 30 years earlier he had planted the seed for the first church — to dedicate the new parish hall.   Built to meet the needs of the expanding Sunday school, the increasing number of church societies, and the needs of the developing community; and built by the patronage of three large benefactors, and the contributions of the larger parish, it was a huge addition for St Paul’s.

The story of the new parish house will be found in the June Apostle.